The Gym

"Boston Road, just off the motorway – Opposite the prison"

At Boxing Central we are proud to offer a fully equipped training centre which contains over 40 punching bags, a full size boxing ring, a full range of weight and cardio training equipment as well as a complete CrossFit section.

As a premier boxing facility, our instructors are all current or former fighters and are some of the best coaches in New Zealand. No matter your level of fitness or experience, our coaches are trained to ensure that each of our members are on the right programme and are getting the most out of their time at Boxing Central.

This means at Boxing Central you can do;

  • Boxing for fitness
  • Advanced boxing for fitness
  • Crossbox (Crossfit meets boxing)
  • Join an academy
  • Become a fighter!


Your first class at Boxing Central is FREE, no hassle or questions asked.

Beginner? No problem! All of our classes are designed to suit all levels of boxers so if you're new to boxing, just come 15 minutes before your first class so our trainers can give you a basic run through.

Gloves can be rented for $5 at the gym before class and wraps purchased for $20 to keep. Otherwise, feel free to bring your own gear instead.

Unlike other city gyms, there is ample free parking at Boxing Central. Drive in, warm up, and get punching!



Discover what boxers have known for more than a hundred years - boxing training is the fastest, safest and most effective way to get in the greatest shape of your life!

Great for:

Muscle Toning / Fat Burning / Strength Training / Sport conditioning