A 1 hour body blast that incorporates all the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout. You’ll do shadow boxing, bag work, abs and lots of heart pumping exercises in a fun and motivating environment. Others boast but we know the truth – this is the ultimate workout!

This is a 1 hour interactive boxing class. Taught by experts, but open to everyone. You pair up with another class member and push each other through a series of boxing and hand pad drills, bag work, exercises and abs. with your partner motivating and pushing you. This class combines maximum fun with maximum heart rate pumping action!

A 1 hour class combining the technical element of boxing with fitness. If knowing correct technique is as important to you as having an aerobic workout, BoxOffice is for you! This is a class about precision of movement with lots of back to back combinations while burning up fat and improving your fitness!

This is a shorter version of our crossbox class, and at 24 minutes it is perfect for those who want a workout but are time poor. This class runs every Monday and Friday morning from 7-7.25 and it largely consists of old style boxing exercises using mostly your own body. So you will do things like push ups, burpees, star jummps, squats, bear crawls etc, at a high intensity. The challenge is to work hard for under half and hour, then go on with your day. You will get help with technique correction and as usual at BC your fellow classmates and instructor will motivate you to push yourself beyond your previous limits. 

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This 1 hour class also incorporates all the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout with some added crossfit components. Whether you are doing super strengthening exercises or speed and power punch routines this class is one that will challenge you mentally as well as physically. Tough, but rewarding!

Oni's Yoga class is designed specifically to increase strength and flexibility for fight fitness training. These sessions will make you stronger and increase the length and tone of your muscles. You will feel energised and mentally freshened for your next fitness session.

Fight Club is the middle ground for members who don't want to be fighters but would like the more physical side to learning all the fundamentals of boxing . A 1-hour class where you will learn complex boxing drills and practice them with a partner. You will be required to wear head gear and a mouth guard. Although choreographed, this is a contact class and a lack of defence will end up with a punch in the face. This class carries a $5 surcharge. New participants are required to undergo a skills assessment prior to joining the group.