Winter is the perfect time to up your normal workout routine, try a new class or book in for a technique or fitness PT session. Check at the gym for details on our vastly experienced trainers.

Also, please remember with the cold weather that warming up properly becomes more important. So coming to class a few minutes early so you can skip or jog to get REALLY warm will help you work out safely. 

Our Boxing Academy is back up and running for term three. The BC Junior Academy is perfect for young people from 8-18 who wish to learn some basic boxing skills and get the fitness benefits of boxing training, with very limited contact. You will learn how to throw and block punches, how to punch the bag and shadow box correctly, and how to use the focus mitts to improve your punching accuracy and power. Discipline is a bit of a dirty word these days but it is the only way to learning boxing (or any of the fighting arts), and this is what our academy classes are built on. Classes are Tues/Thurs from 4 - 5. Any other inquiries, just give us a call or pop in to check the class out. 

Welcome to the new Boxing Central Website

It's an exciting day - we've launched our new website! This site will give us the ability to update much more regularly. We'll be blogging on the updates page giving you boxing tips and also what's been going on here at Boxing Central including tips, member updates, deals and events. You also can depend on the timetable being up to date (finally)!

Last but not least we've given new life to our old logo! Keep an eye out for it around the gym.


That's it from us and we'll see you in the gym getting ready for summer!